Our Business

SAYONA is a pioneering and well-known beverage brand loved and respected by Tanzanian households. The brand has been in the market since 2006, selling a diverse range of juices, carbonated soft drinks and packaged drinking water.

Sayona Twist, Tanzanian’s first carbonated soft drink brand in PET is loved by millions of Tanzanians and is present across Tanzania from streets to supermarkets. Twist, in Ready to Go packs of 350ml and 400ml PET bottles is available in seven flavors (Orange, Pineapple, Lemon, Ginger, Cola, Mango, and Passion)
The new baby of the business has been the Fruttis brand of aseptically packed fruit juices in cartons available in sizes of 1 litre, 350ml and a kids pack of 200ml. Fruttis is available in 4 flavours namely the most popular Embe (Mango) , Tropical, Pera (Guava) and Nanasi (Pineapple). The product was launched in July 2018.

Sayona brands are distributed throughout the country through a network of 7 depots, Wholesalers, Sub wholesalers across the country supported with a fleet of Direct to Store Van sales.
Sayona Brands are manufactured at various sites in Tanzania. Our facilities are based at Dar es salaam, Mwanza and our recent state of the art facility is based in a 40 acre site at Mboga near Chalinze .

The Mboga facility procures fruits from the local farmers and has the capability to process the fruits to pulp which are then used in the making of Sayona products. The facility is committed to a sustainable business model and an environment friendly operation. The facility has provided a livelihood for about directly employed 300 local employees and opportunities to many farmers to grow more fruit.

Besides fruit juices and CSD , we have a diverse portfolio of packaged drinking water catering to various needs of consumers ranging from 350ml “instant consumption” to 20 litres “in house consumption .

Sayona brands are available across all channels of trade across the country . Be it a small duka / Kiosk for our favourite Twists or a mid level independent super market stocking our entire range to the high end affluent super markets like Choppies, Shoppers Plaza , Poa, TSN, etc .

Sayona’s commitment and investment to society , sustainability and environment is significant.

Our Clients

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